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ODB++ Users testimonials

“ODB++ is the most accurate format that I’ve seen in my 20 plus years in this business. If you want to get exactly what your design intent was, I highly recommend providing the ODB++ format”

 LOUIS OLIVEIRA (Pre-Prod. Eng. Manager, Streamline Circuits)    

“Receiving an all-inclusive ODB++ data package with associated feature attributes does not only reduce cycle time during the tooling process, but also eliminates a lot of the quality errors that can be induced during the manual manipulation and preparation of the data. ODB++ is the format that the industry as a whole needs to grasp on to and take advantage of, and really we don’t need anything else”.

KENT BALIUS (VP Global Front End Engineering, Viasystems)  

“Since I’ve been generating ODB++ data it takes roughly 10% of the time and eliminates different post-process steps (drill, pick + place etc.). It’s been great… "


“ODB++ is our preferred data transfer method. An 8 layer PCB can take up to 5 hours to plan and tool using Gerber and only 1 hour when using ODB++.”

Brad Halvorson (Streamline Circuits)  

“As time progresses I believe ODB++ shall ultimately become the data transfer of the PCB industry”

David Duross (Electropac Printed Circuit Boards)  

“There are MANY advantages to ODB++. The most significant benefit is that data intelligence is maintained. Not only that, but it significantly reduces engineering’s cycle time due to the fact that the reverse engineering is eliminated. And face it, if the job is in engineering, it’s not being built – therefore you want to do all you can to get the job to the production floor as quickly and accurately as possible.”

Mike Tucker (Colonial Circuits)  

“ODB++ is the most intelligent CAD/CAM format available today, capturing all CAD/EDA database, PCB fabrication and assembly knowledge in one enhanced single, unified database.”

Cirexx International

The ODB++ Solutions Alliance

The ODB++ Solutions Alliance provides a forum for implementers and supporters of the ODB++ format to share their interest and success with others. Alliance members can exchange information, advice and ideas about the format, including implementation best practices and their experiences in using the format across the PCB design-through-manufacturing flow.

The overall goals of the ODB++ Solutions Alliance are to:

  • Increase awareness of what is being achieved today with ODB++ in reducing time-to-market, cost and supply-chain risk.
  • Provide the basis for:
    • Wider adoption by designers and manufacturers so as to maximize the benefits for the PCB engineering community
    • Further enhancement of the format and its implementation methods in line with technological developments