InCAM® Pro 2.1 – Powerful visualization tools for faster and more accurate flex tooling hole placement

Posted 2020 - 07 - 14

What's New?

Intelligent flex tooling hole placement

See all flex tooling holes on the board at a glance
Add and manipulate flex tooling holes on a new graphic mask layer that maps all flex tooling holes on the board. The mask provides crucial visibility to other layers when working with flex tooling holes. Tooling holes are automatically synchronized with the relevant layers, saving hours of work, and ensuring accuracy.


Easily view different tooling hole sets and their repetitions
Tooling holes are now color-coded per set. Set repetitions are shown in the color of their set but in outline mode, to distinguish the main set from its repetition.

Get it right first time by placing tooling holes in the ‘usable’ area only
The Tooling Hole Editor now shows you where you can legally place tooling holes and prevents illegal placement, eliminating spacing problems.

Ensure all tooling holes are accessible and accounted for

Replacing a once-manual task, the new Collect Tooling Holes from Strip Shape function collects unique tooling hole locations and places them on a master strip, used to create the material step for strip creation. With all holes accounted for, common tooling hole placement pitfalls are avoided.

Master Strip

Netlist Compare Results – Smaller popup, bigger impact

We’ve updated the Netlist Compare Results popup making a big difference to how you view the information: 

  • Reduced popup size frees up important screen space.
  • Buttons and controls have moved to the top. Columns are narrower.
  • Category names have tooltips. Only categories with results are shown.
  • Use arrow keys or space bar for iterating.
  • Zoom stays the same when nets are switched on and off.

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