Secure Sensitive Customer Data with the InCAM® Pro 3.0 Security Package

Posted 2021 - 01 - 06

The most secure InCAM Pro ever

Keep your customers’ sensitive data secure from theft and vulnerability with InCAM Pro’s robust new security package, built in to the InCAM Pro Professional Package*.

Prevent unauthorized access to your customers’ data
Secure your customers’ intellectual property and valuable data against loss or compromise using new layers of password and lock screen protection to regulate access.

  • Password-protected export files and password validation before output and export
  • Define password expiration intervals, forcing users to regularly change passwords
  • Screen locks after a predefined period

Restrict access to Users Management
Mitigate the risk of data breaches by restricting access to Users Management functionality in the Admin Tool to authorized administrators only.

Reduce security risks with applicative SSO (Single Sign On)
Improve identity protection with SSO. Authorized users only need to log in once and the system recognizes them next time – increasing productivity while keeping data secure.

* If you have the InCAM Pro Professional Package, please contact your local account manager for assistance.