Frontline announces the release of Genesis 2000 version 10.2 and GenFlex® version 3.2

Posted 2015 - 05 - 05

Released on May 5, 2015, Genesis 2000 version 10.2 and GenFlex® version 3.2 deliver a range of new NC functionality that simplifies the way you work and significantly improves yields. From the new By Line option in Feature to Drill Pattern and the Short Slot Compensation function, to the ability to transfer holes from one tool to another in the Drill Tools Manager and pocket enhancements in the Rout Editor, Genesis 2000 version 10.2 makes handling NC features faster and simpler than ever.

New Features

  • Feature to Drill Pattern by Line - Easily place drill holes along the skeleton of a line and convert the entire polyline to drill holes.
  • Short Slot Compensation - Create more accurate slots and verify compensation results by extending the length or adjusting the angle of short slots.
  • Split Holes to New Tool in Drill Tool Manager - Simply select holes from an existing tool and reassign them to a new tool where you can redefine how they are handled.
  • Replace Text Block with Real Text - Replace broken text with real text. Select a text block and replace the block with real, editable text.
  • Trim Traces - Accurately delete part of a trimming line. Simply mark the required point on the line and click the area to the right or left to indicate which side is to be deleted.
  • New in GenFlex®:
    • Set Orientation for Inner Coverlay or Silver Mask Layers.
    • Flex and rigid-flex analysis enhancements. Over twenty new reports.
    • PCB numbering - Support for adding text at any angle.
    • Define inner coverlay and silver mask layer orientation for use in netlist creation and flex analysis actions.
    • Add teardrop - Support for line2line connection and line2surface.

About Genesis 2000 and GenFlex®
With over 9500 seats worldwide, Genesis 2000 is the leading PCB pre-production CAM system, integrating design analysis with automatic data optimization to deliver precise PCB tooling data with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Genesis 2000 provides optimized CAM via full pre-production automation for PCB fabricators. Extensive plug-in DFM programs cut cycle time and increase yields dramatically. A true CAD/EDA download, fully translated into ODB++, complemented by seamless integration with all system modules and third-party programs, ensures the timely and accurate processing of bare board data. GenFlex® is a dedicated CAM system for flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers that compensates for material bending and possible distortion. Take advantage of CAD editing tools and fast revision through dedicated flex DFMs to improve yield and cut cycle time. More about Genesis 2000 and GenFlex®