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Posted 2015 - 02 - 04

Released on February 4, 2015, InCAM 2.30 is a major new version with infrastructural changes that significantly improve operating speeds. InCAM 2.30 introduces the ability to download buildup information from InPlan and InStack that can be viewed during the CAM process, eliminating the need to exchange printed information with the Engineering department.

New and Enhanced Features

  • Faster operating speeds
    You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in operating speeds as a result of broad infrastructural changes. InCAM scripts now run up to 48% faster than before, graphics speeds up to 35%, overhead on background processes up to 40%, import job up to 20% and transferring jobs to and from Genesis 2000 up to 38% faster. The new contourization algorithm and shapelist treatment mechanism improve netlist creation and compare speeds by up to 60% and help accelerate DFM and analysis speeds by almost a third. In addition, the option to run netlist creation in the background enables users to maximize their hardware’s multi-processing capabilities. 

  • Synchronize InPlan or InStack buildups
    Easily integrate buildups from InPlan or InStack and view the buildup information.

  • Define extra etch compensation at weak points
    Advanced Etch Compensation by spacing shape allows operators to define extra compensation at weak locations in the etching process.

  • Repair single-ended lines and differential pairs
    Improved Impedance Line Repair using InPlan-defined impedance constraints can now repair both single-ended lines and differential pairs.

  • Improved user interface for major DFMs
    • Easily find the right parameters with improved parameter alignment and grouping.
    • Disable irrelevant parameters when dependent controls are switched off.
    • Select attributes from a list rather than typing them manually.

About InCAM®
InCAM is a comprehensive, innovative CAM solution for high-end manufacturers that combines editing and analysis with automatic design-for-manufacture optimization to perform high-precision CAM tooling, with maximum efficiency and speed — helping manufacturers achieve lasting profitability and a competitive edge. InCAM supports yield growth by enabling operators to multi-task and run advanced processes in the background, using the computer's multi-core CPU capabilities. Cycle time is dramatically shortened as colleagues team up on jobs in a data-secure, collaborative environment. InCAM delivers improved data integrity and fault indication by allowing interactive post-processing on selected DFM results. Operators enjoy a streamlined user interface and remarkably easy-to-use tools. In addition, backwards compatibility with Genesis 2000, for both data and automation, drives productivity even further.  More about InCAM®