Frontline Announces the release of InCAM® 2.32

Posted 2016 - 01 - 10

Released on January 10, 2016, InCAM 2.32 is a minor new version that introduces numerous workflow throughput enhancements, including the ability to run Step Compare in the background and to add multiple dimensions simultaneously. In addition, two new DFM functions improve the production process for HDI and IC-packaging boards.

New Features

Reduce the galvanic effect during the gold plating process
Run the new Non-Tieline Gold Galvanic Compensation DFM to calculate the gold/copper or copper/gold ratio that is below a defined threshold and take steps to reduce the galvanic effect during gold plating.

Apply etch compensation to the narrow parts of a surface
Use the new Patch Bottlenecks DFM to automatically detect locations where surface width is below the defined value and apply a patch to these locations, enabling the application of etch compensation to the narrow parts of a surface.

Quickly create dimensioned drawing with multiple dimensions
Create dimensioned drawings faster – (co)ordinate, linear or baseline dimensions – by adding multiple dimensions at the same time.

Get Step Compare results per layer as soon as they’re ready
Run Step Compare in the background while getting on with other tasks. Step Compare can run in parallel on different layers, delivering results one by one as they become ready, while the remaining layers continue processing.

Improved sub-assembly electrical testing
Optimize netlists and create an electrical testing program for sub-assembly testing.

Enhanced Functionality

InCAM 2.32 delivers the following enhancements:

  • Improved user interface including Pan by Mouse in the graphics area and the automatic saving of table column settings between InCAM sessions.
  • Editor enhancements including the ability to define a precision value for copper area calculation, simplify lines/arcs, and an S&R table that fits up to 200 x 200 steps.
  • Ability to adjust slot length in the Drill Tool Manager when tool size is changed.
  • Signal Layer Repair improvements including the following options:
    • To limit pad shaves below the original shape.
    • To limit regular pad shaves by a specific value.
    • Improved shrink lines/arcs repair.
  • Improved Solder Mask Repair including applying a different clearance value for the embedded part of a split clearance.
  • Numerous DFM enhancements enabling operators to perform faster and more accurate CAM.

About InCAM®
InCAM is a comprehensive, innovative CAM solution for high-end manufacturers that combines editing and analysis with automatic design-for-manufacture optimization to perform high-precision CAM tooling, with maximum efficiency and speed — helping manufacturers achieve lasting profitability and a competitive edge. InCAM supports yield growth by enabling operators to multi-task and run advanced processes in the background, using the computer's multi-core CPU capabilities. Cycle time is dramatically shortened as colleagues team up on jobs in a data-secure, collaborative environment. InCAM delivers improved data integrity and fault indication by allowing interactive post-processing on selected DFM results. Operators enjoy a streamlined user interface and remarkably easy-to-use tools. In addition, backwards compatibility with Genesis 2000, for both data and automation, drives productivity even further.  More about InCAM®