Frontline Announces the Release of InSight PCB® 1.30

Posted 2016 - 01 - 12

Released on January 12, 2016, InSight PCB® v1.30 introduces new functionality and enhancements, including faster processing of large jobs by utilizing InCAM’s parallel processing. This version also includes the ability to define gold mask clearances interactively if the gold mask was not provided, and the ability to export analysis results with the exported InCAM job.

New Features
  • Faster processing for large jobs – up to three times faster
  • Define gold mask features
  • Export analysis results with InCAM job
  • Support for ITAR data
  • Hook for Drill Tolerance
  • Automatic metadata update for existing job and layer properties
  • Present CAD net names when highlighting features by board net
About InSight PCB®  InSight PCB® is a web-based tool for managing and assessing incoming customer PCB data for non-CAM experts. From automatically retrieving comprehensive product information to generating precise summary reports, InSight PCB® empowers Sales and Engineering people to work more independently, efficiently and profitably. The result: faster and more accurate quoting and product engineering, complete CAM data in minutes, early detection of manufacturing problems and increased throughput. More about InSight PCB®