American Standard Circuits Augments Capabilities by Installing GenFlex from Orbotech

Posted 2016 - 05 - 03

Anaya Vardya, CEO of American Standard Circuits, has announced that his company recently acquired and installed the GenFlex CAM System from Orbotech. GenFlex provides state-of-the-art analysis and editing capability for flex and rigid-flex boards.  The GenFlex System compensates for material bending and possible distortion and allows quick global revision via dedicated Design for Manufacture (DFM) tools, pattern optimization, optimal operator efficiency and speed with minimum revisions and maximum yield/quality.

“We see the flex and rigid flex demand significantly growing year over year.  If an effort to continue our commitment to this segment of the market we decided to invest in GenFlex because it is one of the premiere advanced engineering and CAM solutions for flex and rigid-flex boards. With our focus on speed and quality it makes sense to invest in products that can reduce front end time while giving us the versatility to meet our wide range of demands. This, along with all of the other investments we have made in our front end systems during the past year, will allow us to best fulfill all of our customer’s needs,” said Mr. Vardya.