Frontline Announces InCAM®Flex - The Smart CAM Solution for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Makers

Posted 2016 - 05 - 18

Frontline PCB Solutions, the leading supplier of preproduction CAM and engineering software solutions for the PCB industry, and an Orbotech-Mentor Graphics company,  today announced the launch of InCAM®Flex , a dedicated new CAM solution for flex and rigid-flex PCB makers. InCAM®Flex combines analysis and editing capabilities with automatic production data optimization to perform high-precision CAM tooling for flex and rigid-flex manufacturing, helping manufacturers meet the challenges of flex PCB production by maximizing their capabilities and flex processes.

“Flex circuit makers are looking to expand their capacity and enhance their processes to meet the increasing demands and challenges of a rapidly growing flex PCB market,” said Yovav Sameah, president, Frontline PCB Solutions. “Delivering InCAM®Flex to flex manufacturers enables our customers to get the best out of their flex production processes and is the next phase in our strategy to bring our world-leading InCAM capabilities to the entire PCB market.”

Frontline PCB Solutions equips PCB shops with a deeply integrated preproduction software experience. InCAM®Flex for CAM and InPlan®Flex for Engineering work seamlessly to integrate data flow between front-end departments, resulting in smooth and efficient time-saving interactions and processes.

InCAM®Flex provides fast, high-precision CAM tooling for flex and rigid-flex manufacturers and enables automatic production data optimization via flex design for manufacturing tools. Combined with powerful flex CAD tools and automatic flex board panelization, InCAM®Flex brings with it benefits that are most important for businesses ‒ increasing yields and achieving faster job turnaround. In addition, InCAM®Flex seamlessly integrates and shares information with InPlan®Flex Engineering Suite, design and assembly via ODB++, and has a streamlined user interface.

About Frontline PCB Solutions and the Frontline product suite

Frontline is a world expert in preproduction CAM and engineering software solutions for the PCB industry, creating smart, future-oriented technologies and solutions. Frontline has a strong track record of success, with more than 20 years’ experience and over 10,000 installations worldwide. Frontline offers its customers a complete preproduction solution, from design to manufacturing, and builds long-term partnerships with customers, offering ongoing training and consulting.

InCAM® — A comprehensive, high-precision CAM solution for HDI and IC packaging; InCAM®Flex  - A smart CAM Solution for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Makers  - Genesis 2000 — The industry-leading CAM solution for rigid multilayer PCBs; GenFlex® — A complete CAM solution for flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturing; InPlan® — A fully integrated automatic engineering system for optimal PCB manufacturing workflows; InPlan®Flex — An automated PCB engineering system for flex and rigid-flex boards; InStack® — An automatic stackup designer; InCoupon® — An automatic impedance coupon generator, InSolver® - An Impedance field solver, and InSight PCB® – A web based tool for fast and accurate pre-CAM assessment.