Frontline Announces the Release of InSight PCB® 2.02

Posted 2017 - 01 - 11

New Features
  • New analysis reports for IC boards
  • Push complex jobs to InPlan for stackup calculation
  • Get calculated stackup material costs
  • Report SMD area by SM size
  • Automatically delete component layers from ODB++ jobs
  • Export PDF on job approval
About InSight PCB®  InSight PCB® is a web-based tool for managing and assessing incoming customer PCB data for non-CAM experts. From automatically retrieving comprehensive product information to generating precise summary reports, InSight PCB® empowers Sales and Engineering people to work more independently, efficiently and profitably. The result: faster and more accurate quoting and product engineering, complete CAM data in minutes, early detection of manufacturing problems and increased throughput. More about InSight PCB®