Frontline Announces the Release of InStack®Design 4.10

Posted 2017 - 05 - 08

New Features

  • Easily convert Xpedition reference stackups into InStack Design files to create more manufacturable jobs. 
  • Export your impedance constraints as an EDA-ready text file to streamline layout calculation.
  • Specify your desired final copper thickness and let InStack Design automatically achieve it.
  • Usability enhancements:
    • Instantly identify Stackup Exchange mode with a visibly different interface.
    • Easily navigate the conversion wizard with updated buttons and two selectable input modes.
    • Simultaneously select all identical materials in a stackup to replace them all at once.
About InStack®Design InStack Design is an industry-proven software solution that enables you to design the most challenging stackups in minutes, taking all mechanical and SI constraints into account. More about InStack® Design