Frontline Releases InCAM® 3.03

Posted 2017 - 07 - 27

Frontline has launched InCAM 3.03 with a focus on yield improvement for multi-layer boards. Highlights of the upgrade include faster flex panelization, easier data manipulation after advanced etch compensation, and improved impedance line recognition - opening up new possibilities for global trace editing on the layer.

What's New

  • Accurate etch compensation, easier trace manipulation and editing
    A new Trace mode keeps traces as vectors during advanced etch compensation, enabling easier trace manipulation after etch compensation.
  • Improved impedance line recognition expands multi-trace editing capabilities
    A new, simplified Impedance Line Recognition module with fewer parameters and more tolerant recognition delivers higher impedance line recognition rates.
  • Quickly create snapshots of dimensioned parts
    Now that you can add dimensions directly to board layers, it’s faster than ever to create dimensioning snapshots for production floor documentation.
  • Automatic strip shape creation for flex boards
    Speed up flex panelization with a fast new way to automatically create material strips on the panel. (InCAM Flex only)
  • And there’s more…
    • Many InCAM modules now work better including editing tools, pad stack, panelization, CAM Guide and the Drill Tool Manager.
    • Frontline continues to fine tune analysis and DFM actions - Signal Layer Repair, Solder Mask Repair, Silk Screen Classification/Repair etc.
    • Improved Flex Board Checks and Tooling Hole Checks for our InCAM Flex customers.

About InCAM® InCAM is a comprehensive, innovative CAM solution for high-end manufacturers that combines editing and analysis with automatic design-for-manufacture optimization to perform high-precision CAM tooling, with maximum efficiency and speed — helping manufacturers achieve lasting profitability and a competitive edge. InCAM supports yield growth by enabling operators to multi-task and run advanced processes in the background, using the computer's multi-core CPU capabilities. Cycle time is dramatically shortened as colleagues team up on jobs in a data-secure, collaborative environment. InCAM delivers improved data integrity and fault indication by allowing interactive post-processing on selected DFM results. Operators enjoy a streamlined user interface and remarkably easy-to-use tools. In addition, backwards compatibility with Genesis 2000, for both data and automation, drives productivity even further. More about InCAM®