Frontline Releases InSight PCB® 3.10

Faster incoming PCB data processing and increased accuracy

In InSight PCB 3.10, we’ve worked hard to enable faster time to quotation and increased data accuracy. We’ve sped up new job data processing by automatically creating multiple parts from a single compound job, with zero user interaction. And with the new standardized job identification per customer, based on user-defined rules, you’re guaranteed accurate and consistent layer naming every time.

What's New?

  • Faster incoming PCB data processing for fast-turnaround quotations
    Ever faster, InSight PCB can now automatically process multiple parts from a single multi-step job or data set without user intervention. InSight simply splits the master job into several new but related jobs and processes each one separately,
  • Customer-specific job identification for accurate and reliable pre-CAM
    Standardize job identification per customer by applying each customer’s unique layer naming rules for consistently accurate job identification, and fast and efficient pre-CAM flows.
  • Color-code your drills!
    Color-code drills in the buildup image to make the different drill types stand out.

About InSight PCB® InSight PCB is a web-based tool for managing and assessing incoming customer PCB data for non-CAM experts. From automatically retrieving comprehensive product information to generating precise summary reports, InSight PCB empowers Sales and Engineering people to work more independently, efficiently and profitably. The result: faster and more accurate quoting and product engineering, complete CAM data in minutes, early detection of manufacturing problems and increased throughput. More about InSight PCB®