Frontline Releases InPlan® 5.0

Posted 2018 - 03 - 25

What's New?

Faster, manufacturable flex panel design with optimized punch tooling holes

  • Speed up engineering and improve board utilization and manufacturability.Flex panelization now automatically optimizes tooling hole placement for multiple punch cycles, creating hole sets for all instances of a repeatable group of parts according to placement rules. 
  • Edit automatic tooling hole placement results for all repeats with new manual placement tools. 
  • Built-in error proofing prevents incorrect board placement during punch operations. Sets must be unique and use only legal tooling hole patterns and flip, offset and symmetry parameters. 

Merge CAM data with InPlan job preserving all previous work
Syncing and merging CAM jobs with InPlan has never been smoother. You can now integrate CAM job data with manually created/stackup exchange jobs so you can start jobs without data or update the job to a new revision, keeping everything you’ve done so far – buildup, stackup, drill and layer data.

Improve control over manufacturing revision changes
View and print the differences between job versions in the Summary report. In the new Revision Compare view, only the changed items are printed.

About InPlan® and InPlan®Flex InPlan is a comprehensive PCB Engineering System that combines sophisticated engineering know-how with state-of-the-art pre-production planning tools to design the optimal manufacturing process for PCB jobs in a rapidly changing manufacturing environment. InPlan standardizes the engineer’s work, integrates with front end (CAM) and back end (ERP) systems and maintains an electronic knowledge base based on rules and electronic specs. In addition, the system enables engineering concurrency and multi-site operations, outputs BOM, Traveler and CAM instructions and keeps material costs to a minimum. InPlanFlex is a fully integrated engineering system for rigid, flex, and rigid flex boards that supports all materials and generates multi-zone buildups, empowering engineers to deliver high-quality PCB manufacturing workflows. More about InPlan® and InPlan®Flex