Genesis 2000® Overview

The leading CAM solution for rigid multilayer PCBs

Genesis - Leading CAM solution for rigid multilayer PCBs

With over 9500 seats worldwide, Genesis 2000® is the leading PCB pre-production CAM system, integrating design analysis with automatic data optimization to deliver precise PCB tooling data with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

  • Integrates design analysis, planning, tooling, and workflow management.
  • Cuts cycle time and increases yields through extensive plug-in DFM programs.
  • Synchronizes communication between design and assembly.
  • Easy integration with engineering and production.

Genesis 2000® provides optimized CAM via full pre-production automation for PCB fabricators. Extensive plug-in DFM programs cut cycle time and increase yields dramatically. A true CAD/EDA download, fully translated into ODB++, complemented by seamless integration with all system modules and third-party programs, ensures timely and accurate processing of bare board data.

Genesis 2000® offers a field-proven, modular pre-production solution for automating the front end engineering process - from your customer's door to your production floor. Automated planning, job analysis, editing and workflow management enable you to maintain total control of your processes every step of the way.

Genesis 2000® allows you to combine planning, product engineering and tooling into a single process, and equally important, into a single database. Modular integration and a user-friendly environment translate into higher throughput and real cost-savings. A new DFM environment boasts a vast variety of powerful yet flexible DFM programs, field-proven to significantly increase manufacturing yields.