Advanced Modules

Auto Drill Manager

The Auto Drill Manager automates numerous time-consuming operations, including manual graphic editing, mathematical calculations, and extensive post processing.

ADM directly cuts costs through enhanced drill path optimization and substantial quality improvements. ADM works with all major drill formats, including Excellon I & II, Sieb & Meyer 1000 & 3000, PDA, Posalux, Hitachi, and Trudrill

Auto Rout Manager

The Auto Rout Manager fully automates rout programming, eliminating post-processing and minimizing the user interaction and cycle times required to create production-ready rout outputs

Operators create specific machine-dependent NC files on the fly while outputting the NC data to the production floor. NC configuration files are created for each rout machine type available on the production floor

Microvia Analysis

Microvia enabling technology includes over 80 analysis categories including aspect ratio, spacing between entry drill points of consecutive layers, annular rings at various points along the Microvia hole, and more. A unique analysis differentiates between PTH, NPTH, via, and microvia attributes on drill programs, signal layers, and solder masks.

High Density Interconnection (HDI) Tools

High Density Interconnection tools deliver critical etch compensation functionality, automatic editing tools, and more, enhancing productivity and yield.

Sub Panel Optimizer

The Sub-Panel Optimizer is the only array optimizer capable of handling incoming array data and retaining array information while separating it from PCB data.Dramatically improves array design tooling speed and efficiency.

Electrical Test Manager

Automated tooling solution for bed of nails and moving probe testing shortens lead time for testing and delivers seamless data integrity with Genesis 2000® through ODB++. A wide selection of DFT tools increases board testability.

Netlist Optimizer

The Netlist Optimizer is a graphical package that identifies true end points (net ends) on nets and improves bare board electrical testing by reducing the number of points to be probed, while still providing a comprehensive test.

Gold Tie Bar Creation

Adds tie bar lines from relevant nets to beyond the edge of the board to enable gold plating. Adds test point pads to these tie bar lines, providing access to the tie bars to run electrical tests on them, instead of testing the original  gold plated pads.

Panel Optimizer

The Panel Optimizer optimizes panel and material utilization for a range of PCB shapes, calculating layout options and analyzing the results.

AOI Interface

The AOI interface supports direct reference to CAM data. Defining analysis parameters in CAM cuts machine time and guarantees accurate reference data. A variety of popular AOI machines are supported. See Supported interfaces:

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Plotter Interface

The Plotter Interface maximizes integration with and improved control of plotter machines through setting of production parameters on CAM. Plot stamp support enhances photo tool tracking. See supported interfaces:

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Ball Grid Array (BGA) Tools

Ball Grid Array tools include Tie Bar Generation, Etch Compensation, Advanced Teardrop Creation, and Advanced Auto Pad substitution.

Bus Editor

Significantly slash bus-editing time by applying changes to all traces in the bus in one go. Perform a range of bus editing operations including drawing a bus, moving triplets, connecting two busses, rounding corners, evenly spacing bus tracks, unifying the angles of all lines in a bus, and creating a bus to connect two connectors.

Rout Dimensions Editor

The Rout Dimensions Editor can draw complex rout patterns from customer prints including arcs, angles, and internal cutouts.