Automation Tools


InLink is a CAM utility enabling Genesis 2000® and GenFlex® CAM systems users to retrieve CAM-related data from Frontline's Engineering Suite database and store it inside the relevant Genesis®/GenFlex® job data.

Impedance Coupon Generator

Generates custom coupons for impedance-controlled boards. Replace error-prone manual calculations with automatically computed coupon sizes, content and quantities, based on the specific impedance requirements of the part.

Dynamic Etch Compensation

Compensate for exposed outer layer pads (OSP pads), while providing enough spacing for adjacent copper and pads.

Automatic Panelization Package

The Automatic Panelization package comprises a panelization setup tool and a panelization wizard. The Panelization setup tool lets you define panelization rules for creating and editing panelization schemes.

Panelization Wizard – Lets you automatically apply a panelization scheme to a PCB step and create a target panel step. Permits PCB flipping and rotation and places dynamic text and plot stamps according to user-defined rules.

Positive Peelable Removal

Significantly reduce the risk of scrap boards by removing thin slices of copper from the original design before they peel.

Sliver Filling

Eradicates all types of slivers, from acute angles to incomplete shaves, and everything in between. Features four sub-menus: Slivers and Acute Angles Tangency Elimination, Legend Sliver Fill, and Acute Angles & Slivers.

Script Debugger

The Script Debugger is an advanced toolset for creating and debugging "C shell" scripts. At any point where the script is suspended, due to a break point or other reason, the user may view the relevant system window (e.g., graphic editor, panelization window, job matrix) and analyze the script impact on the PCB data.

Gold Tiebar Generation

Define which pads are to be gold-plated and connect them to a tiebar outside the PCB’s profile. For tight connectors that are difficult to test electrically, automatically add test points to the tie-lines.

PCB Numbering

Automatically adds index numbers, in any shape, size or form you choose, that take into account step nesting (arrays) for each PCB in the panel.

Line Width Optimizer

Maximizes yield of tight designs by ensuring optimal line widths, without compromising spacing. Beefs up lines to optimal space wherever spacing permits.

Etch Compensation

Protects line and feature integrity from the chemical processes. When relevant, automatically increases the size of features on layers, taking into account Netlist and spacing rules. Automatically resolves conflicts by creating a shave down. Offers Shave and Non-Shave modes.

Copper Balancing

Supports economical and effective chemical processing. Improves the stability of thin inner cores to reduce copper-related waste treatment costs. Automatically balances outer layers to ensure uniform copper plating.

Solder Mask Optimization

Performs global optimization in minutes, eliminating hours of tedious work and delivering enhanced results. Automatically fixes all violations.

Legend Detection

Searches each layer for text and nomenclatures, automatically assigning a text attribute to these features. The features are then removed from analysis and automatic edits not applicable to text. Frees memory by preventing the re-evaluation of the same group of lines and saves time by reducing false calls.

Redundant Vector Removal

Searches for and eliminates frequently hidden redundant features. Prevents generation of superfluous data to Photo Plotters and Electrical Test.

Silkscreen Optimizer

Based on user-defined rules, avoids slivers by intelligently clipping the silkscreen, resulting in a legible silkscreen. Minimum widths for text are maintained.

Signal Layer Optimization

Dramatically cuts manual editing time by executing automated signal layer optimization in seconds.

Line Unification

Reduces data size and enables correct analysis by locating drawn lines within the design and replacing them with a single feature.

Drill Touching Copper

Copper extends the life cycle of drill bits by distinguishing between drills, on the basis of the number of layers where the drills touch copper. Works in conjunction with the Auto Drill Manager.

Neck Down Repair

Eliminates neck down, caused by line to line and line to pad connections, by widening lines to achieve uniform line width.

Solder Paste Optimization

Automatically adjusts solder paste layer to ensure correction location and proportions of solder paste stencil cutouts.

Parallel Spacing Optimizer

Reduces risk of shorts between ultra-fine lines within a running bus across inner/outer layers. Minimizes the run length of a multi-line channel by automatically enlarging its footprint width, using available space on the layer surface.

Non-Linear Scaling

Non-Linear Scaling adjusts CAM output data by stretching manufacturing tools in a non-linear manner to compensate for material distortion through manufacturing, where simple idealized X-Y scaling is too limiting.

Hammer Head Etch Compensation

Allows copper to be added in pad corners, compensating for production-related etching deficiencies. Automatically performs etch compensation for BGA-boards and SMD pads. Maintains the design integrity of complex, high-density boards.

Pinhole Elimination

Helps avoid resist chips by searching the design for pinholes and automatically repairing them.

Power and Ground Optimization

Prevents disconnections and shorts by optimizing power and ground layer clearances and annular rings, without impacting electrical connectivity or compromising manufacturing constraints.

Advanced Teardrop Creation

Prevents impaired electrical connectivity resulting from drill breakouts towards an entering vector, by automatically thickening the vector's entrance location to the pad. Fillet shaped tear drops are available.

Non-functional Pad Removal

Removes non-functional pads to prevent redundant drilling, unnecessary amortization of machines, risk of shorts and more.

Galvanic Etch Compensation

Designed to enlarge specific pads in nets with gold plated pads while preserving spacing specification. Introduces uneven etching for the nets that contain both gold-plated elements and copper elements.

Automatic Pad Construction

Recognizes all combinations of line drawn pads and automatically reconstructs them into proper pads. Data reduction and added intelligence help improve tooling quality and reduce costs.

Step Compare

Improve your data integrity with a new verification tool that allows you to graphically compare steps from same or different jobs. Run a batch graphic compare and view the differences on all layers in just seconds.

Layer Netlist Compare

Compare netlists per layer or subassembly to quickly locate netlist problems on large nets.

Standard Fill Patterns

Allows the user to create fill patterns with standard hatch and cross-hatch patterns without the need to first create special symbols for this purpose.

Convert features to laser drill pattern

Convert feature to laser drill pattern

Cutting Data

Certain CAD systems output surfaces as outlines that consist of lines and arcs, known as cutting data. The Cutting Data function converts sequences of lines and arcs into legal Genesis surfaces for regular board production.

Advanced Auto Pad Substitution

Automatic pad substitution of drawn die bonds figure SMT pads in a fan construction.

Critical Via Checks

Run Critical Via Checks to identify and create marks (on a separate mark layer) and critical vias. Critical vias are vias that, when missing, create an open in the electrical net.

Plating Mask Checks

Check that plating mask clearances do not exceed one board net on the related outer layers. View reports comparing spacing and annular ring measurements on the plating mask with outer layer copper measurements.

Subassembly Netlist Optimization

Create and output an optimized netlist for a defined subassembly, without changing the matrix and before the final assembly.

Scale per Step in OPFX Output

Assign different scaling to different step locations on the panel, when outputting layers to Orbotech plotters.