Streamlined integration and communication

GenFlex® integrates flex board design analysis, tooling and workflow management to maximize efficiency and cut cycle time. In addition to the seamless integration available out-of-the-box with design and assembly systems through ODB++ Design, its Auto Input function automatically recognizes and translates standard formats as Gerber 274D, Gerber 274X, DXF, HPGL, IPC D 356, Mentor Neutral, Excellon and many others.

Ensured manufacturability and cycle time reduction

GenFlex®'s specialized Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tools automate time-consuming and error prone tasks - such as rounding joints, smoothing surfaces, and accommodating changes in line width - to help simplify data, optimize production, and increase yields. Similarly, GenFlex® automatically generates efficient drill, rout, laser-rout and diecut tools from coverlay designs.


The GenFlex® Design Analyzer gives engineers the freedom to review designs before, during and/or after tooling. The Design Analyzer's user-friendly interactive environment facilitates pre-production review and manufacturability analysis. Graphical printouts simplify design review in group sessions.

Design for Manufacturability for Flex PC boards

GenFlex®'s dedicated, powerful and flexible DFM (Design For Manufacturing) tools fully automate manual, interactive editing sessions reducing errors and cycle times and increasing manufacturing yields. GenFlex® layout optimization provides fast and controlled methods to meet the production challenges introduced by flex PCB layout data; GenFlex® offers you an arsenal of dedicated flex PCB pre-production tools to help you simplify data, optimize production and increase yields. Signal layer data is curved and smoothed automatically - where needed. GenFlex® fully automates the optimization of coverlay, covercoat and solder mask, reducing to mere minutes what would otherwise take hours of manual operation. Coverlay tooling is optimized automatically. GenFlex automatically applies minor modifications to achieve specifications required for punch, drill or rout.

Ensured Editing Safety

GenFlex's easy-to-use Graphic Editor eliminates operator-introduced design errors. Based on on-line Netlist and DRC technology, its highly intuitive interface reduces training time, increases productivity, and allows operators to view all affected layers in each process simultaneously.

Automatic Panelization

GenFlex's Automatic Panelization package consists of two parts, a panelization setup tool and a panelization wizard. The panelization tool enables the user to define all the panelization rules necessary to create and modify panelization schemes. The panelization wizard, helps users automatically apply a panelization scheme to a PCB and create a ready panel. It also enables PCB flipping and rotation and places dynamic text and plot stamps according to user-defined rules. Stiffeners added after lamination may be panelized separately.