Efficiency-driving Tools

Speed up time to market and eliminate errors with over 300 trusted DFMs that ensure manufacturability and quality. Automatically adjust silk screen, solder mask, copper layers, impedance lines and more. Simplify feature handling by automatically assigning attributes.


Faster time-consuming processes.

  • Shapelist Pro – Fast shape-related calculations speed up DFMs and analysis. 
  • Memory Plus – Boosted memory drives faster algorithms and DFMs. 
  • Netlist Prober – Cuts troubleshooting time. 
  • Multilayer PCB Optimization – In Signal Layer Repair, Signal Layer Checks and Solder Mask Checks. 
  • Silk Screen Classifier – Enables mass resize and edit of similar silk screen frames.
  • Contour to Circuit Conversion – Speeds up and optimizes production.
  • Dynamic Pad Stack – Define pad stacks for all layers in one click.
  • Tooling Hole Editor – Enables faster and more accurate flex tooling hole placement.

New interactive tools.

Save Interactive Spacing Repair (ISR) settings
Quickly solve spacing challenges and get alerts if spacing cannot be achieved. The trace modification tool lets you maintain minimum annular ring and, using predefined settings per feature pair, enables fast handling of spacing problems, without needing to reset the parameters every time.

Fast Interactive Silkscreen Repair (ISSR)
Shorten cycle time using ISSR tools for silkscreen handling – identify, resize and edit similar frames and texts, including any rotations and scale.

Snap between layers
A revolution in usability, Smart Snap lets you snap to all displayed layers using several snap modes at once – so there’s no need to switch modes or layers.

Smart selection
For fast editing, select multiple elements at once, using one or more selection methods.

Stackup collaboration
InCAM Pro enables stackup integration from InPlan to save time and ensure consistency and reliability.