The fastest CAM we've ever made.

Increase revenues and accelerate time to market
InCAM Pro enables faster turnaround for MLB and all job types, and excels at speeding up simple data and automated flows, courtesy of clever algorithms and infrastructure, simultaneous processing, and extended RAM usage. Feel the difference, from the step-up in response time to the satisfying way the software reacts to user input.

The most intuitive user interface we've ever made.

More complex jobs in less time, shorter training
Designed for the change-makers of the future, InCAM Pro is astonishingly easy to learn. With its clean design and intuitive feel, InCAM Pro enables the fastest and most efficient human-machine interactions with minimum training, helping CAM operators achieve more in less time.

Popup-oriented design
The popup-based interface enables at-a-glance access to multiple functions and multi-tasking on multiple screens, for faster interaction with the system.

Command Line Interface (CLI), auto-completion and keyboard operations
Type commands and use keyboard shortcuts for fast orientation and operation. Choose from built-in commands or create custom ones. The clever auto-completion feature means you only need to input the first few characters.

Easy, efficient and personalized
With an emphasis on customization and ergonomic GUI design, InCAM Pro features a bird’s-eye view Layer Matrix for layer management and a Layer List that includes your chosen layers and hides those you’ll need later.

More responsive to evolving needs.

Ready for emerging technologies
Designed to meet growing demand for smaller geometries and smarter electronic devices, InCAM Pro integrates support for the industry’s most exciting emerging technologies and trends – 5G, substrate-like circuits, flex and Industry 4.0. 

Pro for flex 
InCAM Pro understands the needs of flex manufacturers:

  • Automatic flex and rigid-flex board panelization with any angle rotation and PCB alignment for strip creation. 
  • Automatic tooling hole placement for PCBs, arrays and panels with interactive editing. 
  • DFMs for coverlay layer optimization, converting optimized coverlay layer to NC tools. 
  • Analysis actions generate numerous flex and rigid-flex reports.

Join the Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 revolution
InCAM Pro supports automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies via advanced traceability and PCB numbering.