InCAM® GV Overview

Web-based Graphic Viewer for InCAM® Jobs

Web-based graphic viewer for InCAM jobs

  • View jobs directly from the InCAM® database through the intranet – anywhere in your company
  • View InCAM® jobs from an offline repository or archive
  • View all graphic data in the job
  • Take measurements, view feature information and feature histograms
  • Works with all popular web browsers


The InCAM® GV installation package is part of InCAM® version distribution. If your current InCAM® version is below version 3.02, please contact your local representative to obtain the InCAM® GV installation package.


InCAM® GV lets you view graphic data directly from the InCAM® database or an offline repository via the intranet from any web browser. Easy to install and use, InCAM® GV lets you access the information you need anywhere on the shop floor and in other departments – whether in an intranet zone or even on the internet.

Buy or try InCAM® GV online

For a trial license or to purchase a license, please visit our store. You’ll need your InCAM® dongle number to complete the trial or purchase process.

* InCAM® GV is not compatible with mobile devices and touch screens.