InStack® Viewer Overview

A new tool for board designers that revolutionises collaboration with fabricators

InStack® Viewer lets you skip the paper-based PCB/FPC stackup exchange, saving time and resources. Explore all of the board’s details, including construction, impedances, materials, and other properties, so you can make sure the proposed stackup is the optimal one.


Review and approve a ready-to-produce stackup while ensuring your fabricator meets your design intentions, including:

  • Specific materials and properties
  • Design constraints
  • Pressed thickness and modeled impedances
  • Actual build


  • Avoid customized reports
  • Export all the information your designers need
  • Reduce revision spins





Download for free!


Want to do more with your stackup? Upgrade to InStack® Design:

  • Design manufacturable stackups and send them directly to the fabricator.
  • Simulate the real model of the board.
  • Modify stackups proposed by the fabricator to meet your needs.
  • Verify thickness, impedance, and losses, even for multi-zone structures.
  • Select your materials and prioritize your constraints to ensure optimization.
  • Collaborate with EDA and SI tools.