InStack® Design Features


Take control of your stackup, the foundation of your board

Only you can make the right tradeoffs between signal integrity, reliability, cost and complexity. Simulate your real stackup as you create it and make sure all your SI and layout needs are met. Then send the stackup to your fabricator for immediate manufacturing. Modify a stackup provided by your fab house to meet your needs or adapt it for use as a prototype for other fabricators, while maintaining the crucial properties of the board.

Collaborate with fabricators

Send stackups between InStack® Design and InPlan® and facilitate the ideal collaborative flow between designers and fabricators. Design stackups with fabricator-specific materials, so a job can be completed in one pass. If changes need to be made, the fabricator job can be sent back to the designer completely electronically.

Cut design time

Stackup and impedance designers can achieve in minutes what previously took experts hours of work. Whether using automatic or manual stackup design, InStack® Design ensures that all zone thickness and impedance calculations are up to date. InStack® Design delivers the most cost-effective stackup solutions while meeting all design rules.

Reduce revision spins

Reduce pre-production revision spins, shorten lead-time and improve quality by generating precise stackup designs that consider design rules, resin starvation checks and supplier process rules. Use your fabricator’s materials library to ensure that designs can be manufactured within allowed tolerances. Automatically apply pressing rules and copper etching factors to match your PCB supplier's process rules.

 Ensure manufacturability

InStack® Design is the leading tool your fabricators use to manufacture your boards. When you design with InStack Design you can be sure your stackup is manufacturable. InStack Design brings fabrication know-how to you.

Tell your fabricator what you need, electronically

Automatically create professional, detailed stackup reports for your fab no matter what tool they are using. Exchange your designs electronically with fabs using InStack® for Fabricators software, ensuring that accurate stackup and impedance information is shared throughout the supply chain.

Conquer flex and rigid-flex with multiple zones

Create complex designs with automatic multi-zone buildup creation and advanced buildup editing tools, including air gap formation between flex clads, adding stiffeners and other accessories, and placing rigid and flex materials side by side. Use the Flex Buildup Editor to define zones for copper layers, masks, drills and materials, and to add and define coverlays, stiffeners and other accessory materials. InStack® Design also supports crosshatch layers and EMI shielding.

Revision-controlled stackup database

All stackups are stored in InStack® Design’s revision-controlled database enabling operators to track changes between revisions and compare revisions and/or jobs. Derivative stackup design becomes a simple task as you can quickly search for similar stackups, duplicate the existing stackup, and modify the stackup and impedance in just minutes.

Accurate impedance and SI simulation

Use InSolver® – InStack® Design’s built-in impedance solver – to automatically calculate impedance. InStack Design’s easy-to-use interface lets you create multiple impedance constraints on each layer and select any layer or conductive material as reference layers per constraint. As stackup materials are selected, InStack® Design automatically calculates copper and dielectric thicknesses and optimizes the trace widths to meet the impedance requirements. In addition, InStack® Design can accurately model dielectric, resistive and total attenuation for a range of frequencies, enabling you to select the most cost-effective material set to meet your performance requirements.

Get a full visualization of how your board will be built

InStack® Design shows you a detailed visualization of how your board will be built that includes all sub-assemblies and processes.