InStack® Design Modules


Job Manager

The Job Manager groups together basic job planning tools – buildup formation, process tree generation, drill and rout data entry, embedded component design, and order specs – making it a starting point and a solid reference point for designers.

Stackup Designer

Create manufacturable stackups early in the design process, even at the pre-layout phase. Compare with reference stackups to ensure accuracy, and quickly view the stackup image. Use accurate spacing and pitch selection tools to precisely plan your routing resources and select the correct number of layers before you begin routing. Use the Automatic Stackup Wizard to generate stackups and update the list of materials required for high layer count and impedance controlled boards, both symmetrical and non-symmetrical.

Library Subsystems

To manage your company's engineering and design knowledge and data, and to configure InStack Design according to your planning and manufacturing environments, InStack® Design offers the following library subsystems:

  • Specs Editor – Define manufacturing and customer specifications
  • Rules Editor – Integrate your manufacturing knowledge into InStack® Design’s electronic rules
  • Materials Library – Define material properties
  • Stackup Templates Library – Define stackup templates
  • Fabricators Library – Manage the fabricators you work with