With InCoupon® you can:

Cut cycle time and improve quality

Replace manual calculations with reliable, automatically computed coupons generated according to job attributes and user-defined rules. Save time and output all coupon-related designs in a single run. InCoupon® easily handles mixed layers, coplanar waveguide constraints, and embedded models ensuring no false references and perfect pad connectivity.

Reduce coupon footprint on panel

Reduce the number of coupons without compromising testability. Using a common power ground pad row, utilizing the straight channel, automatically shrinking the coupon, and using both sides of the coupon enable InCoupon® to minimize the size of coupons on the panel. To fit into really tight spots, use InCoupon®’s editing tools to move and edit text, and reduce the coupon size even further.

Configure probes, layouts and select a shielding mode

Easily configure coupon layout and probes by defining pitch between signal and power ground probes to match TDR specifications. Choose from a range of shielding modes including solid copper, dotted and line patterns.

Simplify Coupon testing on the shop floor

Use InCoupon®’s AutoLabeling capabilities and define alternate pitch between differential pad groups to ensure impedance line readability on the shop floor and to simplify TDR probing operations.

Catch impedance errors early

Test impedance lines at the sub-assembly stage to avoid costly scrap later from faulty inner-layer impedance measurements. InCoupon<sup>®</sup>’s automatic understanding of the buildup structure and ability to detect optimal drill interconnectivity across sub-assembly layers enables use of existing board drill layers for coupon layer interconnectivity.

Integrate CAM and Engineering data

With full CAM and Engineering integration, InCoupon® can read impedance line definitions and CAM layer data to generate impedance coupons, the buildup structure and a sub-assembly list, and identify optimal interconnectivity for coupon layers. Review finished coupons graphically in the embedded CAM Viewer, or store as ODB++ steps in your CAM database.

Tight integration with Frontline’s products

InCoupon® integrates seamlessly with Frontline’s CAM and Engineering product suite — InPlan®, InPlan® Flex, InStack®, Genesis 2000® and GenFlex® — which comprises industry leading, rules based engineering applications from the quoting stage, through process planning engineering and CAM, all the way to the production floor.