Discover the advantage of InCoupon® main functionalities that make it easy to design and generate coupons, store and manage data, and configure the system.

Job Management

Create new jobs quickly and easily using automatic job creation tools. Increase efficiency by synchronizing the buildup from ODB++ CAM data and importing Impedance Lines information from your Engineering system.

Process Creation and Editing

Automatically create PCB manufacturing sub-assemblies list . In InCoupon, the PCB sub-assemblies are displayed graphically in the form of a process tree that shows the dependencies between the processes.

Impedance Line Creation

Import Impedance Lines from another source using a simple CSV format, or use the Quick Create mechanism to quickly and easily define the lines to be added to the coupons.

Impedance Coupon Generation

Use the Impedance Coupon Generator to design Impedance Coupon layouts automatically. Easily apply your Impedance Coupon rules including Grouping Rules, Probes specification, Labeling and Coupon sizes. You can also apply various types of Shielding such as dots and solid patterns to minimize crosstalk between adjacent impedance lines on the same coupon.

CAM Viewer and Editor

Accessible from InCoupon, the CAM Viewer and Editor provides Graphic View abilities to the PCB layers as well as to the Impedance Coupons that were generated by InCoupon. In addition, the editing tools allow you to Add, Move, Edit and delete text, as well as reduce the coupon size after editing.

Rules Editor

Store your company's default line spacings, apertures and all other coupon knowhow and reasoning in user-defined electronic rules that are automatically applied during coupon creation.