InPlan® can cost effectively transform your existing PCB process planning infrastructure into an engineering power house, capable of delivering top quality work plans at staggering speeds.

Reduces engineering time and increases throughputs

InPlan® lets you tool more jobs without increasing your staff. By automating preproduction tasks and eliminating manual data entry, you can dramatically increase throughput to meet the tightest delivery deadlines.

Delivers manufacturing plans that satisfy customer requirements - and your own

Powered by electronic specs and user-defined engineering rules that reflect your company's business logic, your requirements and those of your customers are embedded into the planning process guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Standardizes process planning throughout your enterprise

With user-defined rules automatically generating the right manufacturing flow, BOM, and tooling instructions, process planning is fully standardized throughout your enterprise. And with all your company’s engineering knowledge and expertise housed in a single automated system, subjective planning solutions are replaced by systematic automated ones, branding your company’s outputs with a uniform logic.

Seamlessly integrates CAM data and data from your back end system

InPlan® automatically integrates data from CAM and from the central InPlan® database to achieve absolute consistency and to ensure that job data is up-to-date. InPlan® integrates with your back end system, by incorporating customer, materials, and manufacturing operation data.

Guarantees accuracy, quality and consistency in a revision controlled environment

Every chunk of InPlan® data is revision controlled so that engineers can work on the same job concurrently without conflict. Any changes made can only be seen by others when the engineer makes them public. The revision control feature lets engineers track earlier versions of a job or parts of it.

Calculates production costs for your peace of mind

With InPlan®’s (optional) Costing Engine, you can say good-bye to estimation and ballpark figures - the Costing Engine calculates the entire cost of a job and provides a breakdown of figures. We prescribe thorough cost engineering as the only way to prevent unpleasant surprises occurring down the line, for you or your customer.

Centralizes data for company-wide use

InPlan® stores all your company’s knowledge and expertise in a central database accessible to all authorized personnel. This efficient pooling of resources across departments and manufacturing sites makes perfect logistic and economic sense. Overall efficiency is enhanced while operating costs are significantly lowered.

Automation Utilities

You can run a range of utilities straight from the InPlan® desktop:

  • CAM data interface - Data defined by the CAM operator is integrated into the job.
  • Setting job values by specs - Job data is set according to the criteria in the attached specs.
  • Rules - Standard and customized flows apply your manufacturing logic to set job values.
  • Database queries - Queries that extract information from the database into InStack®.
  • Journal queries - Queries based on InStack® events recorded in Journal database tables.
  • Crystal Reports - Running and viewing graphic reports on materials, specs and rules etc.
  • External scripts - API scripts for running crucial external applications.