InPlan® is a modular system built around dedicated workstations, referred to as subsystems, used for:

  • Manufacturing process planning
  • Output generation – BOM, Stackup and Traveler
  • Engineering knowledge, data management and system configuration

Job Manager

The Job Manager groups together basic job planning tools - automatic CAM data analysis and extraction, buildup formation, process tree generation, data setting from order entry and electronic manufacturing and customer specs - making it a starting point and a solid reference point for engineers.

Stackup Designer

Use the Automatic Stackup Wizard to generate stackups and update the list of materials required for high layer count and impedance controlled boards, both symmetrical and non-symmetrical. The Automatic Stackup Wizard generates multiple working solutions based on your company’s manufacturing know-how built into electronic rules and specs, using your own material database and your impedance solver of choice. Automatic stackup chooses the least expensive material set, while maintaining top quality stackup design.

NC Tools

NC Tools automatically calculates actual hole sizes and chooses the physical NC bit sizes based on finished sizes and tolerances. Tooling of slots, non-plated holes, pilot holes and others are also computed here. Use InPlan rules to configure NC tools to execute your manufacturing rules and to sort, merge, split and assign NC tools according to your preference.


InPlan® makes extensive use of electronic specifications (specs) that contain all the information found in written manufacturing and customer specs. Attach specs to the job to perform job to spec compare and instantly view discrepancies in color-coded format. Use spec values to automatically set job attributes and if more than one spec is attached to the job, merge spec data based on predefined precedents.


Run the dedicated wizards to generate lists of array, panel or material cut design options. Preview the proposals in the graphic viewer and select the optimum design for the job. InPlan considers your panelization rules for coupon placement, gold fingers, borders, spacing, symmetry and more. The Panelization module optimizes both dynamic panels and standard panel sizes to meet the needs of all PCB manufactures, from prototype through quick turn manufacturers, all the way to large volume manufacturers. Graphical reporting of panel layout is included and can be enhanced through the Automatic Dimension Creation Wizard.

Automatic Panel and Sheet Cut Dimensions Wizard

With its sophisticated dimension display features, the Automatic Panel and Sheet Cut Dimensions Wizard produces high-impact panel and sheet cut layout illustrations.

Impedance Coupon Generator

Generates custom coupons for impedance-controlled boards. Replace error-prone manual calculations with automatically computed coupon sizes, content and quantities, based on the specific impedance requirements of the part.

Multi-part Support

Multi-part support enables you to engineer a variety of parts on the same production panel, as part of the same job.

Automatic Dimension Creation Wizard

The Automatic Dimension Creation Wizard automatically generates accurate panel drawings with dimensioning lines indicating panel size, part size, part placement and spacing, and coupon and tooling hole placement. Use the Automatic Dimension Creation Wizard to manually add dimensioning lines and notes to the drawing.

CAM Instructions

The CAM Instructions module automatically generates a list of tooling instructions for the job. Edit automatically created instructions or add new tooling instructions. Use library notes for standardization and time saving. Add graphical snapshots to tooling instructions.


Automatically generate a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) that lists the materials used for the PCB itself, such as copper foils, cores, prepregs and laminates, and materials used in the fabrication process, such as drill bits, dry films, backup and entry plates. Quantities are computed automatically per part, array or panel. Edit automatically generated BOMs.


Visit the Traveler subsystem to automatically generate the traveler - a rules-driven set of manufacturing work instructions that contains a step-by-step list of each fabrication step together with the name of the relevant work center per procedure, product attributes, notes to the manufacturing operator, and graphic attachments. Edit the traveler for last minute modifications, adding notes or product attributes. Retain all manual additions and modifications when regenerating the traveler.


Calculate the total cost of a job according to your company's unique costing model and view and edit a detailed cost breakdown for processes, tools and MRP steps, and yield information for processes and MRP steps.

ERP Interface

The ERP interface automates the flow of data between InPlan® and your ERP system, simplifying the shift from planning to production. Enjoy the benefits of instant data synchronization.

Layer Registration Machine Interface

The layer registration (LR) machine interface enables seamless data transfer and feedback between the Engineering and Registration measurement systems in an automated, error-free environment.

Library Subsystems

To manage your company's engineering knowledge and data and to configure InPlan® according to your planning and manufacturing environments, InPlan® offers the following library subsystems:

  • Specs Editor – Define manufacturing and customer specifications
  • Rules Editor – Integrate your manufacturing knowledge into InPlan®’s electronic rules
  • Materials Library – Define material properties
  • Stackup Templates Library – Define stackup templates
  • CAM Instructions Library – Define CAM instruction templates
  • Drill Bits Library – Define drill bits for drill programs and the BOM
  • Costing Editor Library – Define costing criteria and your costing model
  • Panel Library – Define your library of panel and sheet cut setups
  • Configuration Manager – Define site and user configurations and attribute groupings
  • Notes Library – Define standard notes to use and re-use