With InPlan® Flex you can:

Leverage electronic spec data

Expand the use of manufacturing and order data by storing specifications electronically. Attach specs to jobs and apply revision-controlled changes according to spec data. Run Job-to-Spec Compare, review the results, and generate corrective tooling instructions if needed.

Simplify rout process management

Manage routing and tooling with the Rout Process Manager. Define pre-fab tooling processes and related materials by selecting materials and assigning them to rout or punch tools for automatic material cutting process creation.

Customize reports

Effortlessly produce documents for reports, queries, travelers, BOMs, and CAM instructions. Reports can include a range of elements from tables and charts, to layer and stackup images, and impedance modeling diagrams.

Apply changes with advanced ECNs

Apply changes to one or more jobs and automatically notify your team. Next, run a change approval session with privileged approval agents. Lastly, execute the change system wide.

Run shared reviews using electronic verification lists

Replace paper checklists with electronic verification lists to improve quality control. Multiple electronic sign-offs enable different supervisors to verify that the engineering work is complete. Validate product release operations using verification list sign-offs.


InPlan® Flex optimizes business performance by offering:

Rules and spec-driven engineering

Transform your engineering tools and methods into a unified engineering powerhouse and produce top quality workplans for all board types. Powered by electronic specs and company-tailored rules, your needs and those of your customers drive the entire process.

Support for rigid, flex, and rigid-flex buildups

Engineer challenging designs with a system that offers automatic multi-zone buildups and sophisticated buildup editing tools, including forming air gaps between flex clads, adding rigidizers and other accessories, and combining flexible and rigid laminated substrates into a single package.

All engineering activities in one system

Perform your entire engineering job with InPlan® Flex. Design stackups, model customer impedance requirements, set material tooling processes, design your production panel and sheet cutting diagrams, generate the BOM, process routings and CAM instructions, and finally, generate a high-quality set of graphical manufacturing documentation in full color - all with one unified tool set.

Proven CAM and ERP integration

InPlan® Flex integrates with all CAM and ERP systems — including Frontline’s world-leading CAM products, GenFlex® and Genesis 2000® — to seamlessly apply valuable CAM and shop floor data in its rules-based engineering processes, increasing throughput and eliminating errors caused by manual data entry.

Full revision control

Manage changes efficiently even in quick turnaround jobs. Easy-to-use tools keep you up-to-date including check-in/check-out, release and hold, revision compare, user privileges, verification lists, and engineering change management.