Discover the advantage of InPlan® Flex’s dedicated workstations that make it easy to plan manufacturing processes, generate outputs, store and manage engineering data, and configure the system.

Job Manager

Create new jobs quickly and easily using automatic job creation tools. Generate multi-zone buildups with flex, rigid, and rigid-flex zones. Create adhesive-free or acrylic materials buildups that support flex materials, coverlays, adhesives, and stiffeners. Increase efficiency by synchronizing ODB++ data and integrating data from electronic specs.

Stackup Designer

Easily design flex and rigid-flex stackups with online simulation of multi zone thickness while editing and impedance modeling for all rigid and flex zones, using your impedance control vendor of choice. Use InPlan® Flex to perform safer stackup design, ensuring the design is not resin starved, while meeting your impedance and thickness requirements and constraints.

NC Tools

Automatically define the NC bits and tooling methods the NC machines will need. InPlan® Flex acquires finish hole ODB++ data and selects the right drill and rout bits based on company-defined rules. InPlan® Flex supports all profiling methods; plated and non-plated holes, routs, slots, and V-cuts; large hole tooling in nibbling or rout; and more.

Panel Design

Use the Panel Design Wizard to generate arrays and panels with cost-efficient material utilization. Easily apply your panelization rules to panelize ODB++ profile shapes using automatic part interlocking at different angles, coupon placement, accessory panelization, sheet cut design, and dimensioning diagrams. You can use both standard and dynamic panels, the border and PCB areas, and per-part coupons.

CAM Instructions

Solve production issues by generating rules-based engineering CAM instructions (CIs) containing Genesis DFMs, checklists, script names, and/or analysis actions. Simply publish the CIs to implement the instructions.


Use the BOM Wizard to compile a list of materials per fabrication process and to prepare BOM reports in seconds. Automatically add all PCB-related materials including cores, prepregs, laminates, foils, coverlays, adhesives, and stiffeners. Process materials may also be added such as backup and entry plates and NC drill and rout bits.


Generate multiple travelers automatically combining ERP-defined manufacturing operations with product attributes, notes, and graphic attachments in seconds. Review and edit travelers in the Traveler Editor and opt to preserve manual changes the next time the traveler is generated.

Library Subsystems

Save time and ensure the smooth running of your system with InPlan® Flex’s library subsystems. Manage your company’s engineering knowledge and data and configure InPlan® Flex according to your planning and manufacturing environments.

Specs Editor
Define and manage electronic specifications and reap the benefits of InPlan® Flex’s powerful spec-related features.

Rules Editor
Store your company's engineering knowledge and reasoning in user-defined electronic rules that are automatically applied during automated PCB planning.

Materials Library
Take advantage of InPlan® Flex’s electronic materials warehouse that enables efficient inventory management while playing a central role in the stackup and BOM generation mechanisms.

Stackup Templates Library
Define the stackup templates to be used by the Automatic Stackup Wizard for template-based stackup creation.

CAM Instructions Library
Define CAM instructions in the CAM Instructions Library — the central repository for every CAM instruction a planner may need to send to the CAM operator.

Drill Bits Library
Manage all your company's drill bits to be used in drill programs and included in the BOM.

Costing Editor Library
Define costing criteria and costing models for PCB fabrication jobs.

Panel Library
Easily define parameters for panel, array, sheet, and coupon design and combine them to create design setup instructions to be used by the Layout Design Wizard.

Notes Library
Create and organize standard notes, accessible by planners from any InPlan™Flex screen.

Configuration Manager
Define site and user configurations and attribute groupings.