InQuery® Overview

The most efficient TQ management solution ever.

As electronic design becomes more complex, fabricators are seeking fresh ways to ensure projects progress to schedule. InQuery is a new automated technical query management solution that puts efficient designer-fabricator collaboration at the center of the TQ process, transforming the way PCB and FPC fabricators create, manage and track requirements-driven technical queries. The result: exceptional TQs, accelerated time to market, and improved profitability.

  • Standardize quality TQ reports.
  • Add traceability to your TQ. 
  • Leverage CAM and Engineering knowledge for optimal TQ results.

InQuery Desktop

Close to zero TQs over time

lnQuery learns your customers' unique manufacturing requirements and history to optimize the TQ process for repeat orders, making TQs faster and better over time.

Close to zero TQs over time

  • Easily clarify issues with full access to CAM and Engineering data.
  • Solve manufacturing problems early and avoid costly scrap.
  • Get fast approval for stackups and delivery panels.