How can InQuery® Improve your TQ?

Standardize quality TQ reports

Make every engineer a star
Simple to use, even inexperienced engineers can create quality, standardized TQ reports every time, for clear communication with customers.

  • Personalized reports, based on customer profiles and history, speed up TQ preparation and reduce training costs.
  • Forms are filled automatically, for fast turnaround error-free reports.
  • Reports are built in the customer’s language using their local measurement units to avoid frustration and misunderstandings.

Add traceability to your TQ

Take full control of your TQ performance
In a fast-paced business, instant access to TQ trends and history makes it easy to monitor and improve TQ performance.

  • Track TQ performance in real time – preparation, bottlenecks and peak times.
  • Easily trace question and answer history, and frequently asked questions.
  • Info at your fingertips shortens the TQ cycle, cutting the number of TQs over time.

TQ Management and Traceability

Seamless integration

Leverage CAM and Engineering knowledge for optimal TQ results

Powerful knowledge integration means that TQs are automatically filled with CAM and Engineering data, so no detail is missed or forgotten.

  • Consistently high-quality reports, without relying on CAM resources.
  • Automatic data integration minimizes the risk of human error and scrap.
  • Cut cycle time by cutting out emails to Sales, CAM and MI Engineering.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Empower your Engineering with InPlan® 360 - A winning solution

Turbo-boost time to market and add InQuery to InPlan
The InPlan automatic engineering system has teamed up with InQuery to offer customers a new pre-production experience, InPlan® 360 – the perfect synergy.

  • Smooth collaboration between designer and customer.
  • Error-proof and automated operations.
  • High-reliability manufacturing with traceability.

InPlan 360