The InQuery® Suite of Tools

TQ Checklist

Standardize outstanding quality by generating personalized electronic TQ checklists for your customers, with all job data included. Ideal for reviewing the entire job at once, the built-in approval procedure validates job data against order, customer and capability specs, saving time and preventing errors so that you can focus on what’s most important.

TQ Checklist

TQ List

InQuery’s intuitive TQ, CAM and Engineering Editors enable automatic TQ creation, complete with CAM and Engineering data for change proposals. CAM editing tools are on hand for preparing the proposed solutions, and a library of templates, images and notes lets you re-use elements for convenience and speed. Identify repeat TQs based on customer history and trends, to amplify quality by incorporating previous issues and eventually, reduce the number of TQs required for that customer.

TQ Engineering Viewing and Editing

TQ List

TQ Collaboration

InQuery delivers the personalized experience your customers expect. In addition to storing customer preferences for future reference, InQuery
automatically integrates your customer’s answers into TQ reports. Treating customer preferences with professionalism and consistent follow-through
builds customer loyalty and grows your business. Report and sign-off tools are also included.

TQ Report

TQ Excel Report

TQ Management and Traceability

InQuery provides a high-level view of all your TQs, helping you identify bottlenecks and improve overall TQ performance. Monitor the status of open
TQs, create statistical performance reports, and study customer repsonses to optimize efficency.

TQ Monitor