InSolver® delivers cost-effective impedance solving for engineers, QA and sales.

Speed up InPlan®’s Automatic Stackup for impedance controlled job

InSolver®’s fast and accurate impedance engine enables running automatic stackup up to 4 times faster than when interfacing with other engines. 

Reduce impedance-related scrap with more accurate modeling

Meet your customers’ target impedance every time using conformal solder mask modeling, separate dielectric content for resin-rich areas around traces and separation of dielectrics for non-adjacent reference planes.
(left: Conformal Solder Mask, right: Separate Dielectric Parameters

Impedance modelling for a wide range of structures

Precisely solve standard single-ended and differential impedance constraints and access a wide range of Broadside Coupled, Coplanar and Embedded models to accurately simulate impedance for the most complex applications.

Impedance Structures

Use the same reliable solver technology used by board designers

Run on HyperLynx® solver technology, InSolver® uses the same engine to calculate impedance that designers use to design the board, offering you consistency and reliability.

Enjoy excellent service and the convenience of a single vendor

Avoid unforeseen costs and ensure a smooth implementation by purchasing both your automatic stackup solution and impedance engine from the same trusted vendor. Benefit from the attentive after-sales care you’ve come to expect from Frontline, at a price to suit your budget.