InSolver® (standalone)

Instantly calculate even the most complex geometries with the standalone InSolver® application.

Clean, easy-to-use interface
With a clear illustration of each geometry and a simple interface for entering impedance constraint parameters, easily simulate or calculate impedance from manufactured cross-sections. Define ‘Favorites’ for quick access to your most frequently used models.

Sole for line width and spacing

Solver for impedance or other parameters
Solve impedance for input dielectric and trace properties or solve for other parameters, such as trace width and spacing, to meet target impedance.

InSolver® for InPlan®

Use the embedded InSolver® interface in InPlan® or InStack® to calculate impedance quickly and accurately and shorten time to market.

Speed up InPlan®’s Automatic Stackup for impedance controlled job
InSolver®’s fast and accurate impedance engine enables running automatic stackup up to 4 times faster than when interfacing with other engines.

Check impedance for hypothetical values
Open an InSolver® calculator from an InPlan® impedance constraint and calculate impedance for alternative thickness or DK values, without needing to replace materials or rewrite rules.

InSolver® calculate for InPlan® constraints

Share constraint data with InSolver® standalone users
Export constraints data from InPlan® to InSolver® standalone users in other departments.