Dramatically cuts cycle times

InStack® excels at creating data-rich jobs and generating accurate, cost-efficient stackups and BOMs - for you and your customers. Intuitive and easy-to-use, InStack®’s advanced automated tools simplify tasks every step of the way, achieving in minutes what would otherwise take hours or even days to complete.

Generates cost-conscious stackups

InStack® automatically selects the most cost-efficient materials available and sorts stackup solutions by cost, helping you choose the solution that makes the most sense, and saves you the most cents!

Delivers stackups that work - every time

InStack® meets all your customers' requirements by simultaneously processing all the crucial factors - thickness, material and impedance constraints, resin starvation, tolerances, and material costs - to deliver the best possible stackups for accuracy, manufacturability, and price.

InStack® extracts true layer copper percentage from CAM data to accurately compute the amount of resin flow of B-stage dielectrics. Thickness is calculated taking solder masks, plating thicknesses, and even material processing into consideration. InStack® also uses rules and manufacturing specs to keep stackup designs within manufacturing tolerances.

Integrates with industry-leading impedance modelers

InStack® seamlessly integrates with well-known impedance modelers, accessible from the InStack® desktop. With your very own tried-and-tested impedance calculator embedded inside the application, you'll really have no need for any other tool.

CAM Viewer

The CAM Viewer graphically displays production layers, drill programs, and panels with powerful viewing enhancement capabilities to help you make informed decisions on production issues. Features include: image enlargement, profile creation, taking measurements, and viewing feature details, attributes, and e-notes.


The Navigator contains checklist data (data integrated into the job during ODB++ synchronization), snapshots, and text entries. Information sorting features help operators quickly identify problems and decide whether the data is ready for production.

Rich in functionality, the Navigator includes snapshot and text entry creation tools and the multi-layer snapshot button. The best way to use the Navigator is alongside the CAM Viewer, which displays the selected record enlarged and in full color for maximum ease of view.

Automation Utilities

You can run a range of utilities straight from the InStack® desktop:

  • CAM data interface - Data defined by the CAM operator is integrated into the job.
  • Setting job values by specs - Job data is set according to the criteria in the attached specs.
  • Rules - Standard and customized flows apply your manufacturing logic to set job values.
  • Database queries - Queries that extract information from the database into InStack®.
  • Journal queries - Queries based on InStack® events recorded in Journal database tables.
  • Crystal Reports - Running and viewing graphic reports on materials, specs and rules etc.
  • External scripts - API scripts for running crucial external applications.