Job Manager

The Job Manager groups together basic job planning tools - automatic CAM data analysis and extraction, buildup formation, process tree generation, data setting from order entry and electronic manufacturing and customer specs - making it a starting point and a solid reference point for engineers.

Stackup Designer

Use the Automatic Stackup Wizard to generate stackups and update the list of materials required for high layer count and impedance controlled boards, both symmetrical and non-symmetrical. The Automatic Stackup Wizard generates multiple working solutions based on your company’s manufacturing know-how built into electronic rules and specs, using your own material database and your impedance solver of choice. Automatic stackup chooses the least expensive material set, while maintaining top quality stackup design.


InStack makes extensive use of electronic specifications (specs) that contain all the information found in written manufacturing and customer specs. Attach a spec to the job to automatically set job attributes and if more than one spec is attached to the job, merge data based on predefined precedents.


Automatically generate a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) that lists the materials used for the PCB itself, such as copper foils, cores, prepregs and laminates. Quantities are computed automatically per part, array or panel. Edit automatically generated BOMs.