InSight PCB® provides the ideal way to manage and assess incoming customer PCB data from virtually anywhere.

Capture incoming PCB data for Sales and Engineering

Automatically assess incoming customer PCB data and retrieve crucial product information for Sales and Engineering.

Shorten time to quotation - Say goodbye to RFQ bottlenecks and missed orders. Within minutes of receiving a job, InSight PCB® generates the precise analyses you need to build accurate price quotes* that ensure optimum sales margins. Be first to deliver quotes ahead of your competitors and win the business every time. *InSight PCB does not generate the actual quotation.

Fast-track manufacturing instructions - Perform pre-CAM input quickly and easily and watch hours of work melt away. Cut engineering lead-time by creating DFM reports and Technical Query snapshots in minutes. Identify potential production problems instantly to avoid low yields and costly boards as a result of incorrect data.

Work online from anywhere

As a web-based product, InSight PCB® lets you work remotely, tracking and managing RFQs from virtually anywhere — whether you’re in the office or in the field. Review a graphic image of the board or open customer job files on the move.

Save time for CAM operators

InSight PCB® saves CAM operators time by streamlining the way departments work. Sales people can prepare quotes without consulting CAM experts while incoming jobs can skip CAM and move straight to the Engineering stage. By reducing the load on the CAM department, CAM engineers have more time for their bottom-line tasks.


Drill Setting:

Matrix Setting:

Integrate with other systems

InSight PCB® integrates seamlessly with Frontline PCB Solutions’ CAM and Engineering products and with other systems via xml export, enabling enhanced collaboration and communication between stakeholders. Exchange data between systems and send notifications between operators, ending the use of paper forms and inefficient means of communication. Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data re-entry resulting from multiple, unconnected systems.

View customer data; edit and share reports

Share and view real-time customer input data and a comprehensive PDF report for each job in a secure online space. Job reports include graphics, a DFM summary report with layer, drill and buildup tables, and statistical periodic reports. Review and edit job and customer data and RFQ parameters, and rerun the preCAM flow as needed. View graphical data, attached documents, preCAM flow results, related correspondence and the job log.