What our Customers are Saying

“InSight PCB is a welcome enhancement to our existing Frontline CAM pre-production environment that will help us get accurate CAM project quotations to our customers more rapidly.”

― Kim O’Neil, General Manager, Prototron Circuits’ Tucson, Arizona facility

"InSight PCB is the best DFM tool available for our purposes...The unique architecture employed by InSight provides the most comprehensive and readable results available. We see providing the complete set of DFM results, available to our customers in one single report, as a huge competitive advantage and a major benefit for our customers.”

Nolan Johnson, CAD/EDA Manager, Sunstone Circuits 

“It is extremely important that early on in the design stage we identify unnecessary cost and lead-time design decisions. InSight PCB helps us identify and convey this information to our customers quickly and accurately.”

Jeff Hughes, Vice President PCB Fabrication, Hughes Circuits, Inc.  

“We are already seeing improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of the quoting process. We now have the ability to free up our front-end expert from being so heavily involved in quoting in order to focus more on CAM/Engineering tasks. This saves us both time and money.”

Elden Hendrickson Jr., General Manager, Calumet

“By automating the data review process, we can sharpen the accuracy and competitiveness of our bids while also reducing the iterations between our front-end staff, OEM Engineers and sales team. This increases our engineering value to our customers and enables them to deliver their products to the market in shorter lead times with greater first revision success.”

Greg Halvorson, President, Streamline Circuits