Patterning DI

Frontline’s Industry 4.0 solution for the Patterning DI department enables process engineers to analyze complex Patterning DI department data to transform manufacturing quality and efficiency.  

Patterning DI dashboard

Better quality.

Easily perform root cause analysis on the batch and panel level to ensure the early identification and repair of process problems, dimensional stability issues such as scaling, and degradation to prevent low quality manufacturing and failure to progress to the next process step.

Effortless production efficiency and throughput.

Keep track of machine utilization 24/7 to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Identify and resolve efficiency traps in high volume manufacturing, such as print rejection and throughput bottlenecks, before they become costly problems.

Precise dashboards.

Dashboards present real-time patterning DI machine data and analytics at a glance.

  • Get a high-level view of jobs processed by patterning DI machines.
  • Summary of prints and failures per hour; print time trend and print per hour trend.
  • List of lowest performing batches.

Print Rejection Exploration dashboard

  • Patterning DI per print quality metric.
  • Histograms – Pitch Error, Pitch Error Distance, Print Rejection Ratio, Judge Error, Print Scale X and Y, Print Rejection Causes Relationship.
  • Simulate rejection rate by applying different thresholds; red line indicates limit set by user.
  • Initial value is derived from logs.

Pitch Error histogram

Scale Factor Analysis dashboard

  • Keep dimensional stability – Global scale view, Subpanel scale view.
  • Track scale factor results – Measures scales and actual scale.
  • KPI view – Average scale, 3 sigma and control limits, CPK.
  • Identify problematic subpanels.

Scale factor analysis