5G and High Speed

Ready for 5G? We are.

All over the world, PCB manufacturers are adapting to meet the challenges of 5G – accelerated data rates, higher frequencies and low latency. At Frontline, we’ve upgraded our CAM and Engineering solutions to get your factory 5G ready.

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Meet Frontline's 5G Solutions

5G Infrastructure

Get ready for the 5G network with its massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and numerous small cell antennas.

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Cloud Servers and Data Analysis

Drive volume and PCB technology growth with MLB+ high-end servers, cloud computing and AI, IC substrates technology and volume.

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5G Smartphones

Meet the demand for new mobile 5G devices with advanced HDI and advanced flex.

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Automotive Industry

Gear up for up for a surge in automotive electronics – up to 50% of vehicle cost

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New Opportunities for PCB Manufacturers

5G technology promises a new era of opportunity for the PCB industry. From smart cities, vehicles and phones, to new communications infrastructure, cloud servers and data analysis, the possibilities are endless.

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What does 5G mean for the PCB industry?

PCB manufacturers are using new, high-speed materials and improved processes.

  • Signal attenuation is critical; radar and lidar – up to 77GHz.
  • Base station hardware up to 28GHz (~12GHz today).
  • Reduce copper roughness and noise and control warp in hybrid constructions.

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