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High-precision solutions for advanced IC packaging

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KLA's Software Solutions for IC Substrates

ICS is the fastest-growing segment in the PCB industry with advanced designs that pose significant challenges in DFMs, process optimization and yield control. With decades of experience in PCB software solutions, our portfolio of technologies for IC substrates includes high-precision product optimization tools, process optimization solutions and root cause analytics for manufacturing process data. Frontline ICS Portfolio

Frontline InCAM®Pro for ICS

Frontline InCAM Pro is a CAM system for PCB manufacturers housing some of the most sophisticated technology developed. Intuitive and blazingly fast, Frontline InCAM Pro for ICS enables IC substrate and WLP manufacturers to achieve higher resolution and accuracy, improve CAM process speed and respond to evolving industry needs.

  • Enhanced precision and resolution for coordinates, symbols and measurements
  • Advanced Hammerhead Etch Compensation and ICS packaging tools
  • Outstanding performance – Over 100K units per panel!

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Frontline InCAM®Pro for ICS – Tools

Packed with some of the most sophisticated technology developed, InCAM Pro for ICS enables higher resolution for Cu Area and Layer Compare, advanced Hammerhead Etch Compensation capabilities and a range of dedicated ICS packaging tools – helping you make the most of your ICS process.

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Frontline InCAM®Pro for ICS – Features

Increase revenues and shorten time to market by tooling more complex jobs in shorter time, with less training. Get ready for emerging technologies and trends – 5G, substrate-like circuits, flex and Industry 4.0.

  • The fastest CAM we've ever made.
  • The most intuitive user interface we've ever made.
  • More responsive to evolving needs. 

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Frontline InFlow™ for ICS

Frontline InFlow is an all-in-one PCB engineering automation system that covers the entire engineering workflow, driving accelerated time to market, increased productivity, and standardized high quality with simplicity. Frontline InFlow optimizes the ICS production process model.

  • Standardize and automate process planning.
  • Generate a cost-effective bill of materials and optimal process flows.
  • Maintain an electronic knowledge-base.
  • Output manufacturing instructions automatically.

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Automatic Stackup Design

Frontline InFlow generates automatic stackups for ICS designs. Due to the higher interconnection density of ICS, the designs usually require multilayer printed circuit boards – outer and inner layers and prepregs (epoxy-filled glass used for bonding and layer separation).


Process Modeling

Automatic process modeling
Frontline InFlow enables automatic process modeling for ICS designs for the early stages of process planning.

Frontline InShop® for ICS

Frontline InShop is an Industry 4.0 solution that connects, collects and monitors data from production machines, MES and pre-production data, enabling ICS manufacturers to quickly ramp up to production (NPI) and provide detailed data on every finished ICS unit they produce.

  • Identify, track and analyze defects throughout the supply chain, with the highest level of data granularity.
  • Enables near real-time anomaly detection and root cause analysis through big data analytics architecture.
  • Maximize yield and shorten NPI.

Graphic product modeling
Leading ICS manufacturers worldwide use Frontline InShop’s unique graphic product modeling capabilities to improve yield and shorten time to market.

Connected to AOI and electrical testing machines, Frontline InShop combines dedicated ICS analysis and metrology* with defect cluster cross-probing over the graphic product model (CAM), to identify via AI the cause of design and manufacturing process defects.
* The process of ensuring that measurements meet specified degrees of accuracy and precision.