Industry 4.0 Solutions

An Industry 4.0 solution for shop floor data

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), data analytics has become a core capability in transforming traditional manufacturing practices.

Frontline InShop®, Frontline’s new Industry 4.0 solution lets PCB manufacturers exploit the massive amounts of data generated from shop floor machines and turn it into actionable insights for rapid problem-solving.

Frontline InShop®

Frontline InShop® collects data from shop floor machines, runs root cause investigations, and presents smart insights for anomalies, trends, and tendencies allowing manufacturers to take yield‑improving actions.  

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A solution for every PCB department

Looking for maximum department efficiency? InShop’s suite of solutions – AOI, Pattering DI, Electrical Testing, Drill and Rout, MRB – use stunningly simple graphic dashboards empowering you to fully utilize this data for the first time, to improve production efficiency and yield, and speed up new product introduction.

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