Frontline InCAM® Pro Flex

For rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers

Advanced Flex CAM system

What’s Frontline InCAM® Pro Flex?

Frontline InCAM Pro Flex is a dedicated flex CAM system enabling rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers to improve flex CAM process speed, consistency, accuracy and quality.

  • Use realistic FPC multi-zone models
  • Optimize wet processes to maximize yield using Etch Compensation tools
  • Automatically create manufacturable FPC panels

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Flex Tools

Packed with some of the most sophisticated technology developed, Frontline InCAM Pro Flex delivers dedicated flex CAM tools, from realistic FPC multi-zone models and automatic FPC panel creation to flex editing tools, analyses and DFMs – helping you make the most of your flex process.

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Increase revenues and shorten time to market by tooling more complex jobs in shorter time, with less training. Get ready for emerging technologies and trends – 5G, substrate-like circuits, flex and Industry 4.0.

  • The fastest CAM we've ever made.
  • The most intuitive user interface we've ever made.
  • More responsive to evolving needs. 

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