InCAM® Pro Flex

For rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers

Advanced CAM system

What’s InCAM Pro Flex?

InCAM Pro Flex is a new CAM system for rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers, housing some of the most sophisticated technology developed.

  • Automatic flex board panelization and tooling hole placement.
  • Coverlay layer optimization and converting optimized coverlay layer to NC tools.
  • Analysis actions generate flex and rigid-flex reports.

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Increase revenues and shorten time to market by tooling more complex jobs in shorter time, with less training. Get ready for emerging technologies and trends – 5G, substrate-like circuits, flex and Industry 4.0.

  • The fastest CAM we've ever made.
  • The most intuitive user interface we've ever made.
  • More responsive to evolving needs. 

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Efficiency-driving Tools

Speed up time to market and eliminate errors with over 300 DFMs that ensure manufacturability and quality. Define pad stacks for all layers in one click and perfom fast and accurate flex tooling placement.

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