Frontline InCAM® Pro

Redefining what’s possible in the CAM we use every day.

Advanced CAM system

What's Frontline InCAM® Pro?

Frontline InCAM Pro is a new CAM system for PCB manufacturers, housing some of the most sophisticated technology developed. Intuitive and blazingly fast, Frontline InCAM Pro redefines what’s possible in the CAM we use every day.

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Increase revenues and shorten time to market by tooling more complex jobs in shorter time, with less training. Get ready for emerging technologies and trends – 5G, substrate-like circuits, flex and Industry 4.0.

  • The fastest CAM we've ever made
  • The most intuitive user interface we've ever made
  • More responsive to evolving needs

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Efficiency-driving Tools

Speed up time to market and eliminate errors with over 300 DFMs that ensure manufacturability and quality. Automatically adjust silk screen, solder mask, copper layers, impedance lines and more. Simplify feature handling by automatically assigning attributes.

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Frontline Cloud Services

Frontline Cloud Services utilize smart, machine learning-driven data processing to accelerate design analysis by up to 90% faster than via on-premise IT infrastructure-giving you the best productivity, speed and accrucay.

  • Fast onboarding with zero implementation
  • Checklists are automatically sent to the cloud with no operator involvement
  • Available, reliable, scalable and secure
  • Pay-per-use terms for cost optimization

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Frontline InCAM® Pro for ICS

Frontline InCAM Pro for ICS is a CAM system enabling IC substrate and WLP manufacturers to achieve higher resolution and accuracy, improve CAM process speed and respond to evolving industry needs.

  • Enhanced precision and resolution for coordinates, symbols and measurements
  • Advanced Hammerhead Etch Compensation and ICS packaging tools
  • Outstanding performance – Over 100K units per panel!

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Frontline InCAM® Pro Flex

InCAM Pro Flex is CAM system enabling rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers to improve flex CAM process speed, consistency, accuracy and quality.

  • Use realistic FPC multi-zone models
  • Optimize wet processes to maximize yield using Etch Compensation tools
  • Automatically create manufacturable FPC panels

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Frontline InCAM® Pro Packages

Our Frontline InCAM Pro packages now offer more value than ever before. Browse our offers and choose the package that best helps you meet your business goals. Available for Frontline InCAM Pro 2.0 and above.

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Customer Stories

Learn how our customers are using Frontline InCAM Pro to increase business productivity and improve board quality and accuracy.

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