Frontline InShop®

CAM-based analytics using machine learning and AI

What’s Frontline InShop®?

Frontline InShop is a game-changing, CAM-based, analytics software solution that empowers ICS and PCB manufacturers to transform untapped production line and inspection equipment data into actionable insights through machine learning and artificial intelligence – improving quality and accelerating time to market.

CAM-based Analytics using Machine Learning and AI

Building on KLA Frontline’s vast experience in semiconductors, ICS front-end manufacturing processes and CAM reference technology, Frontline InShop puts visual analytics at your fingertips – enabling high-impact corrective action that shortens new product introduction, increases yield and reduces your total cost of ownership.

Data Analytics within the Context of your Product

As the only analytics solution to perform analytics within the context of the product, Frontline InShop flags the data that most impacts your business and correlates production data to the end product, delivering a unique contextual awareness for driving effective

  • Advanced CAM-based data analytics within the real context of your product. 
  • AI and machine learning-based actionable insights to proactively address quality issues.
  • Targets end-to-end processes and focuses on the end of the line.
  • Yield-based prioritization of corrective actions.

Cross-departmental and CAM Data Analytics


Why Frontline InShop®?

Data analytics with end-product context CAM reference

The only solution that performs data analytics with end-product context CAM reference to help solve yield problems.

Machine learning and AI algorithms

Our CAM-based Electrical Testing and AOI data analytics is based on machine learning and AI algorithms, enabling advanced data exploration capabilities. 

Powerful cross-departmental analytics

Merges cross-departmental data and CAM-based analytics, offering insights that are accurate and actionable.

Seamless connectivity to machines and vendors

Seamless connectivity to multiple machines and vendors, with numerous sites and hundreds of connected machines. 

Harness best practices of advanced PCB manufacturing

Enabled by our vast experience in semiconductors, ICS front-end manufacturing processes and CAM reference technology. 

Fully-scalable big data infrastructure

Big data infrastructure stores massive, versatile data over time. 

A One-stop Solution for Electrical Testing and AOI

Electrical Testing Homepage

Quickly identify the most problematic lots (defects and nets), the relative success of the current lot in comparison to previous ones, and the relative performance of the Electrical Testing department in general. 

Electrical Testing Job Inspection

View panel, array, jig and unit-level Electrical Testing failure unit heat maps. Zoom in on failures and nets. On unit-level heat maps, select the net to highlight the net pattern on related layers. Job Inspection shows AOI defects on the net pattern by unit level. 

Electrical Testing Job Inspection


AOI Job Inspection

CAM-based analysis

View comparative data to identify potential root causes. Show defects on the selected CAM feature (line, drill) to make analysis easier. 

Interactive defect gallery

See defect distribution on high-resolution CAM images: large-sized album of video and gray-level images.

Defect heat map and distribution view

See the distribution of repeated defects and the number of repetitions; view repeating defects on multiple panels.


Yield Center

  • Keep track of yield and identify quality reduction.
  • See yield status for internal and external customers (OEMs).
  • Get aggregated yield calculation to save engineering time.
  • Automate data collection and analysis processes as part of OEM line certification.
  • X-out yield calculation customers’ personalized needs.

 Data Sharing

  • Transfer data by schedule or request; transfer AOI defect data and images.
  • Generate DFF and DEF reports.
  • Enable data exchange to third-party software.


Intuitive defects pareto charts help locate the defects to prioritize. Trend analysis charts show defect trends over time. 

Frontline InShop® Workflow