Frontline InShop®

Increase yield, speed up new product introduction and improve production efficiency

Master your data

What’s Frontline InShop®?

Frontline InShop is an Industry 4.0 software solution for PCB manufacturers that turns vast amounts of shop floor machine data into actionable insights using AI and machine learning so you can maximize manufacturing quality and efficiency in ways that weren’t possible before.

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A Solution for the Entire Shop Floor

Frontline InShop’s cross-departmental analysis and rules make it easy to comb through vast amounts of data and derive insights from the entire shop floor - AOI/VRS, Drill and Rout.

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Data Mastery Pathway

Tap into the power of automatic data collection to share and analyze data, and gain the insights you need to make errors and costly manpower and time demands a thing of the past.

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Only Frontline’s InShop® can offer you