InStack® Design

InStack®Design - The Right Way to Design Boards that Work

Advanced Stackup Collaboration Solution

What’s InStack® Design?

InStack® Design enables you to design the most challenging stackups in minutes, taking all mechanical and SI constraints into account.

  • Plan, build and verify your stackup.
  • Perform constraints- and rules-driven stackup design.
  • Adjust designs to support multiple fabs and prototyping at the same time.


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Create manufacturable stackups early in the design process with the Automatic Stackup Wizard and manage your company's engineering and design knowledge and data with an array of library subsystems.

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InStack® Design Features

Take control of your stackup, the foundation of your board.

  • Make the right tradeoffs between signal integrity, reliability, cost and complexity.
  • Exchange your designs with fabs using InStack® for Fabricators software.
  • Apply pressing rules and copper etching factors to match your supplier's rules.

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