Frontline InFlow®

Accelerate time to market, increase productivity and standardize workflows and outputs

All-in-one engineering automation

What's Frontline InFlow®?

Frontline InFlow is an all-in-one PCB engineering automation system that covers the entire engineering workflow, driving accelerated time to market, increased productivity and standardized high quality – with striking simplicity.

  • Automate all tasks such as design data read-in, cleanup and analysis, managing technical queries, and generating critical measurement (POI) reports.
  • No limits on production complexity, volume or operator experience.
  • Enables new high-speed technologies and opportunities for your business.

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All-in-One Engineering Automation

See how Frontline InFlow's all-in-one engineering automation can transform your engineering department into a smart powerhouse.

Accelerate Time to Market

Cut process planning time by up to 60% by replacing manual tasks with simple rules-based engineering process automation. Frontline InFlow’s continuous synchronization with CAM and ERP and modern, easy-to-use interface save time, reduce errors and scrap, and deliver best quality results.

Increase Productivity

Complete more jobs in less time with Frontline InFlow’s automated engineering platform. Quickly perform tasks that once took hours, including engineering graphic editing, technical query tracking, generating critical measurement reports and CAM execution.

Standardize Workflows and Outputs

Frontline InFlow standardizes workflows and outputs to enable fast operator onboarding and time to market, and consistently high-quality outputs, regardless of engineer experience – from BOM, traveler and CAM instructions to control table, technical queries and custom engineering reports.

Everything you Need to Automate your Entire Workflow

Feel the difference when you automate your entire engineering workflow. Massive time saving, optimal results and quality, reduced risk of human error and scrap, and continuous synchronization with CAM and ERP. 

Powerful Engineering Graphic Editing

Frontline InFlow’s engineering graphic editor gives engineers everything they need to easily manage design data read-in, cleanup and analysis, and the entire engineering process, reducing reliance on CAM resources. Easily compare layers and steps, automate CAM scripts and save the MI database locally for future use to drive maximum productivity.

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Create and Track Technical Queries

Create, manage and track requirements-driven technical queries with standardized automatic checklists and traceability reports that leverage CAM and engineering knowledge to significantly shorten pre-manufacturing technical query cycles.

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Generate Critical Measurement Reports

Quickly generate consistent Critical Measurement (POI) reports with the easy-to-use Control Table feature that runs an automatic process based on engineering graphic analysis.

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High Speed and 5G-Ready

Meet customer requirements for high speed and 5G.

  • Ensure loss budget compliance through improved loss calculation attenuation.
  • Comply with cost-optimized design intent through inlay modeling.
  • Model heat dissipation structures, coins and cavities.
  • View and mark impedance lines for the shop floor; validate against extreme impedance variances.
  • Optimize panels while maintaining impedance and attenuation consistency by auto-rotating PCBs and coupons.

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Interactive Flex Tools

Frontline InFlow Flex customers can speed up flex panelization and tooling hole placement with powerful interactive panel editing tools.

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A Smart Investment in your Success

A smart investment in your success