Frontline InQuery®

Automated Technical Query Management Solution 

The most efficient TQ management solution ever.

What’s Frontline InQuery®?

Frontline InQuery is an automated technical query management solution that transforms the way PCB and FPC fabricators create, manage and track requirements-driven technical queries.

The result: exceptional TQs, accelerated time to market, and improved profitability.

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Use the Frontline InQuery suite of tools to generate personalized electronic TQ checklists for your customers and to help you monitor and improve overall TQ performance efficiency.

  • TQ checklists
  • TQ lists
  • TQ management and traceability

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Frontline InQuery® Features

Simple to use, even inexperienced engineers can create quality, standardized TQ reports every time.

  • Standardize quality TQ reports.
  • Add traceability to your TQ.
  • Leverage CAM and Engineering knowledge for optimal TQ results.

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Customer Stories

Learn how our customers are using Frontline InQuery to standardize TQ processes to improve manufacturing efficiency, accuracy and speed.

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