InSight PCB®

Sell more, make more

Fast and accurate web-based pre-CAM solution

What’s InSight PCB®?

InSight PCB® is a web-based tool for managing and assessing incoming customer PCB data for non CAM experts. From retrieving product information to generating summary reports, InSight PCB® empowers Sales and Engineering people to work more independently, efficiently and profitably.

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InSight PCB® assesses customer PCB data, retrieves product information for Sales and Engineering and delivers a PDF report presenting the entire data set for the job in just seconds.

  • Input customer job data to trigger job processing.
  • Review and approve results in the Queue.
  • View a job summary and when ready, approve the job in the Queue.

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InSight PCB® provides the ideal way to manage and assess incoming customer PCB data from virtually anywhere.

  • Capture incoming PCB data for Sales and Engineering
  • Work online from anywhere
  • Integrate with other systems

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